List of services

At Massage and BodywoRX we strive to provide everyone with services that are both beneficial and relaxing to the average consumer.  We also introduce, educate, and perform therapies that most consumer's might be new to or in a different way than some other massage clinics.

Advanced Massage

The Advanced Massage is a therapuetic massage that can range from clinical to relaxation or maybe a little of both.  The goals of this massage may be pain relief or management, muscular rehab or recovery, joint pain or discomfort.  This massage is the focus of our clinic and the focus of this massage is you!

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is great for the person looking for a combination of relaxing massage and deep technique without the need for the deep pressure.  Let the stones do the work while you relax.

Pre-Natal Massage

A Pre-Natal Massage is focused on the expectant mother.  We aim to make them feel more comforted at a time when personal touch, well being, and self image mean soo much more.

Cold Stone Massage

Cold Stone massage is there to chase the migraine away.  A new treatment aimed at those persons suffering from constant migraine issues.